Door to door Bulk Liquid Logistic Provider

BLT is a pioneer in the Flexitank industry. With more than 400,000 Flexitanks produced per year, BLT is the world’s absolute largest Flexitank manufacturer. We focus on tailoring solutions to each individual customer with various types of Flexitank. Our advanced and sterile laboratory is fully equipped to safeguard the quality of our products.

BLT has been approved by the Association of American Railroads and the Russian Railways to load Flexitanks on board of their trains.


Standard Flexitank

Anti-corrosion and easy filling Flexitank.

Suitable for the transportation of non-hazardous industrial bulk liquids and storage. After decades of experience, we have perfected a super strong Flexitank suitable for the transportation and storage of non-hazardous chemical liquids. It’s anti-corrosion and easy filling features makes BLT Flexitank one of the best in the market for safely carrying industrial bulk liquids.

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